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Duct Cleaning

We clean the duct work in Office buildings, Schools, Daycares, Condominiums, Warehouses, Retail Stores, Recreational Facilities and a variety of commercial environments.

Dryer vent

We clean all exhaust ducting, lint traps and fans connected to commercial dryers. We do this for Hotels, Laundromats, Hospitals/Retirement/Nursing Homes and Fitness Facilities.

Dryer vents should be cleaned on a regular basis to help eliminate any potential fires, as well as decrease drying time, reduce repair costs and greatly improve air quality.

Lint is combustible and when dryers can’t expel hot air due to being clogged with lint, they can become less efficient, damaged and a serious fire may start as a result of this causing major property damage. Dryer damage and fires can be prevented with proper maintenance.

Exhaust Cleaning

Cleaning of exhaust fans and ducting connected to laboratories, washrooms, equipment, etc.